I’ve been hiding from the past,
Splendid memories, faded stories.
I’ve been caught red-handed reminiscing backwards, tiptoeing.
I’ve been suffocating, the stagnant type, no fun nor hype.

I’ve loved, loved hard, no security, no guard, no protection, no direction.
I’ve been bruised painfully, successfully.
I’ve been misled, I cried, I bled, I needed.
Needed some listening, open ears.
Needed some loving, some earth moving,

Sweep me off my feet, love at first sight,

Perfect treat, sweet mending.

I’ve been floating, not knowing that my mind noted,

My heart pounded, my blood pumped, my soul surrendered.
My whole existence almost drowned, but I lived.

I was almost swallowed, plunged so deep, it sounded as a beep.
Love held me by the grip.
I almost died, I needed a drip
Dripping life back to my hungry, angry, fairy, fairy-tale that I’ve been living in.
The non-existent, misleading, confusing, unbearable parable.
I’ve loved, loved hard, but I’ve loved unapologetically.