Wondering why I use the letter “u” instead of you?
It is because if I could rearrange alphabet
I would put U and I together.

Before I meet you,
I had a girl who was honest and faithful while I wasn’t
I was self-fish, without self-control
But I wanted her to be honest
Once she knew what kind of a person I was
She didn’t want to waste more time with me

Then I learnt to feel the pain that I once made her feel
It took me a while to realise that I was the bad one all along
You then came to my life and made me to be faithful
Happiness crossed our hearts,
Nothing was and still nothing is powerful to stop us
Even if death may try we will still share our love in heaven

People might not approve of our love
But in haven it is approved
Trust and honestly has built you and I
Earth was made a better place for our existence
Who is there to stop us
While we are stuck to each other like super glue
Loving and caring like we share same minds