Man imagines that thoughts can be kept secret
It rapidly crystallises into habit, habit solidifies into circumstances
He doesn’t shrink from self-crucifixion
Criminal thoughts had been secretly fostered, in the heart

Nor does a pure-minded man fall suddenly into crime
By stress of any external force
Many men are slaves because he lived
One man is an oppressor because many are slaves
Money motivates him, he wants to understand it
He wants to impregnate himself with it
So that he can go forward and carry the word before you

People like you and I are just like currency
An actor walks upon the floodlit stage of our life
Wearing a mask of an angel beneath the demon’s gown
You are about to deceive the suffering holds of people
Who look up to you, as a leader, as a father
Looking back on his past ignorance and blindness
That is his life, and always was

When I look back at what happened in the past
I can mirror it to what is happening now
All these memories just raised sitting in this room collecting dust
He’s not real, his just a real piece of shit
I got thousands of memories of him
Only six of them are pleasant, the rest are annoying garbage
He’s violent when given the wrong answer, such beasts like dragons that blow fire
He blames circumstances, not knowing that he’s the sole author of his conditions

Knowledge is dangerous when you try to hold people
In a mind cage, when you try to control them
When someone swears at him I will just jump in and say to him
Don’t talk to him like that, respect him, you have to speak slower
Like, hang on to something, your balls need to drop
Sometimes I just wish you were still in your dad’s balls

In the bark of your soul reclines the commanding master
Words that hold no true meaning
He’s a specialist in interrogation torture
He works with people’s minds
He knows where to probe to uncover your weakness
He messes up with your head so bad you torture yourself
It is to be confined in a self-made prison-hole

You go into sweats, your mind goes blank
You feel cornered as we speak in caves both dark and dank
You speak, someone else passes the message to him
You‘re feeding your family money that doesn’t belong to you
Which makes us your breadwinner

There are two sides to each coin to protect something
Another must be sacrificed
He only creates a passing illusion
Children of Israel were promised a land
The land in his own mental vision
When they reached the promise land
They were afraid for they said it was filled with giants
That made them feel like grasshoppers

Your spell over me is gone like a candle flame
You tried to bury me then I raised myself through my poems
I am an artist I need a room to blast some
Composer, poet, prophet, sage are the maker of the afterworld
The architects of heaven
The beauty you see is because they lived
Without them labouring humanity would perish

You left a lasting tangible mark
Now that I flipped my side of the coin
We need fresh eyes
We see things in pieces, words distract the mind
The body distracts the eyes
The body is the servant of the mind
It obeys the operations of the mind

If you think you can even approach it with sad, naked cavemen eyeballs
In a bubble full of fucking air
You are the reason this species lost trust
I am sorry you think you deserve an apology
It’s just that I heard what I didn’t understand
I want you to try something, yeah I want him to try something new
Try swallowing a giant ball of snot that is dangling
Around the back of your throat, it’s disgusting nobody wants to hear that anymore
Eat that shit, shit it out, burn the shit and bury the shit ashes
Your motivations are a mystery

Put your shit together get it together
Put it in a backpack all your shit so it’s together
If you got to take is somewhere take it to the shit store
Sell it put it in a shit museum I don’t care
Robes in the nylon wings of hope
May those who look up to you see you as you are