Two-side education stems from the roots
Of the system that rules over the country
It segregated the knowledge one could explore

A system of private schools competing with public schools
Private schools are safe and well structured
To accommodate the privileged
While public schools are faced
With teachers being shot inside the school premises,
And the children some are drug smokers
A habit that’s been adopted from the life of our society

This education is two sided because private schools
Have counsellors, psychologists, therapists
While public schools are faced with children suffering
From different societal ills
That have psychologically depressed the minds
Of our young children,
No counsellors, no psychologists, no therapists
But more classrooms are packed with diverse individuals
Whose lives are full of challenges

Private school teachers are given the freedom
To practice their profession
With limited number of learners
And resources made available
But public-school teachers are tasked
With different roles in contexts
Where schools have become gang zones,
Children are stabbed inside the school premises
No safety is provided
But the constitution states that safety is the “right”
So how safe is my child?

Public schools are like trains with delays
While private schools are like planes in the air
Public displays of the matric results
Are a stunt to encourage the competition
Within our education system

A percentage growth in public schools
Is the key to verify quantity passing
Because we know it very well that our schools
Are not well structured to accommodate
The main aim of our education system

Inclusion in a two-side education system
Is an approach that will struggle
If we still have this public/private schooling.
Public schooling makes us feel
Like we only study to become servants
No necessary skills are obtained,
In public school children spend 12 years
Obtaining the same skills in different contexts
And those skills are required for our CVs to be relevant
Corporate world awaits your service as an employee

Some will be like can he READ, WRITE AND SPEAK
This specific language
Two-side education system is like a basin
That meanders on the branch of its tributaries
Distributing different aims coming from the same department