Two souls glued like magnet
Blinkering occasion is motivated, especially by nugget
Close-knit your understanding
Never like brain ambition that is standing
Walking in the street gapless

You express your feeling s in the street
While not thinking neither motivates the split.

My eyesight tell me it’s not first love
Because that one always end with knives
Yours was tested on different function
While knowing and tasted your mission.

The close-love ones were told
Never forget those who are old.
It was introduction of the new book
While not judging new impressing cook
Because those values you are taught early
Not the one is done by nanny

All over the place “You are my best friends”
Understanding and listen, similar bands,
On the street, your point of reference
Because you act responsibly like mature parents
You hold hands
Not thinking about mends
Confident, but praying for future everyday
Wishing the magnet can hold the two coins together
While not accepting less than forever