We are together with love,
We are in a relationship because of understanding,
We are in love with trust,
We understand because of togetherness,
we met spiritually in our souls,
We felt each other in our souls.

I came to you at night!
I came to you with hunger!
I came to you looking dirty!
And you accepted me with warm hands.

I came to you with a smell of poverty,
I approached you sweating,
I came to you with broken heart,
Accept me and I will cover you with love!
Be my loved one and cover me with trust.

Who taught you this thing of love?
When did you make me used to you?
You let me believe that everything has a beautiful ending.

When did you forget our old days?
Old days when we were looking out for each other?
When you promised in the name of love!
When you promised that only death shall do us apart!
Lie to me only, and do not forget God!
Let us not be like a river that takes everything inside…