True love is when you love someone
for who they really are, not for what they have.
True love is saying I love you even if you are
uneducated, unemployed and even broke.

True love is saying you don’t achieve the standard
that the world measures beauty with. You aren’t curved,
you don’t have a big booty, you aren’t thick,
you don’t have a flat belly but I still love you.

True love is when you say I take you as you are,
we are going to strive for a better life together.
We are going to start business ventures together.

But we rarely find true love these days, because people
love their partners for what they have,
they are more attracted to materialistic stuff.

I’m not saying people shouldn’t love rich, handsome
and educated people. I’m saying, if they didn’t possess
what they have now
would you love them?