Sky was dark, life was simple
Enjoying a day with a flower of my dreams,
Looking at the moon, both of us in the blue sky
Of the night,

Your smile lures me to come close to your lips,
It’s a dream coming true
Until your brother made me end up in his hands,
My body was cold to end up in my bed,
Dreaming of your tears when you were screaming
For me on a bed that your brother bought for me,
You saw a bad dream in your brother’s hands,
A knife on my chest, a hand on my body
And another hand on a knife that made my heart stop beating,

That gloomy face of yours
Has never been seen by nobody,
A teardrop has never fallen until that day
Would you forget what happened?
You threw me in middle of nowhere to be found or identified,
What is a dream you would not forget?
A blind dream you saw
while you were kissing me on the darkest days,
When you saw me singing a song of going to heaven,
God has a place for you too, my Dear,


A gloomy face for me, for seeing my Princess
Dreaming of happy days we have spent together
Not forever…
What a dream to come true!

Is it love, my Lord?
Yes it is my son.