It is so true
like a man with integrity,
with no fading dignity.
It is not to be compared with opinions,
it is like a fact that stands on its own.

True beauty is not beauty from shelves.
It is not when you paint and wink to draw your face like a Barbie doll.
It’s not when you buy Estèè Laudèr and Pond’s,
but it’s when you bath in a pond.
It’s not when you spray your body with an Unforgettable perfume because you are forgettable.
It’s not when you buy Guess? to scream for attention.
True beauty is not when you lotion your body with Vaseline Blue Seal to shine bright like a diamond.

True beauty is so promiscuous.
It is when the heart is courteous.
It is when you are unnotedly exquisite.
It takes trust and honesty to unveil.
It’s not the outer you which proves your beauty.
Your big booty and boobs are meaningless.

True beauty is not when you’re like a lemon,
beautiful on the outside but sour on the inside.
Remove those paints and drawings unto your face.
Be natural just the way you were born
Just be yourself not a cheap imitation
True beauty is the natural you!