Sometimes when we often realise that our lives have become difficult
we tend to run away. Up and down we go trying to find a solution far away.
Trying to make resolutions not knowing they don’t work
trying to experiment powers that are not of effect.

Then I wonder why such a human like me could
be able to realise this situation of such which I am.
We put ourselves in troubling situations.
We then try to figure out a way out,
forgetting that we are the solution ourselves
we enslave our hearts and power cut our minds out.

We apply for danger in our lives
but then find the job hard to do.
Having signed a contract of non-resigning
we go to resign then our mind-game
controller sends us back.
So we go back out there to look for a solution
yet it lies within our hands.
We live thy lives in the manner that we ought to try and forget
But we put our lives in situations that
we can never ever want to forget

The troubles, trials, and fights we get into
Are so troubling that we find no solution
Yet we do not understand nor find it that
the solution is right in front of us
Yet we do not see it and because we do not want to
The resolution lies within our hands but we throw it away.
Sometimes it is in the children.

Yet parents underestimate so they never find it.
But if we took time we would have realised how selfish,
foolish and how much we’ve become hooligans.
But we always fail and so I’ll lay low and find the real solution.