Even though we had met face to face,
It felt like we came from different realms,
To be united by a bond that’s from out of this world.
I don’t have enough voice to express this pain.

I hurt you with my words,
I wounded you with my promises,
I murdered you with my messages,
I left you bleeding with tears of sorrow.

I write these words knowing I might not win back your trust.
Hopefully, by reading them you will say, “That guy, made my days”.
Even though we started like a house on fire,

The fire went cold after a misunderstanding.
Bonds are breakable, even if we had known each other a millennium ago.

Conny, I cannot take what I said, back.
I was only teaching you the way we are as humans.
I valued the trust and confidence you had in me,
And the support you showed me.
What we had was not a lie.
It never was, and it was never a sham.

I regret the fact that I made you cry.
I curse myself for putting a doubt in your mind.
I hope, now that you know that you’re not at fault, you’ll sleep peacefully.

My mouth, without brakes, spilled your hope.
I hope you can find it in your soul to forgive me.
You’re the non-judgemental person I loved spending time with.
There’s no amount of words or money

That can show how much I regret what had happened.
I believe, you will remember these words.

You are a strong, wonderful woman.
Having you has made me more intelligent than I was a decade ago.
You are the person I want to come to when I am troubled.
I am sorry for the heartache that I’ve caused you.

You are beautiful!
You are not like the mad man that opened the door, and prompted the pilot to faint.
Conny, going on my knees will be pointless if you can’t forgive me for my foolishness.
It takes courage for a man to realise his mistakes.
I am truly sorry for the torment that I’ve caused you.