I am just like you.
I deserve more life like you do.
I deserve to be happy just like you do.
Why do I get bruised and scared
If not emotionally abused
Then sexually.

I deserve my right to life.
Freedom to freedom.
Spare my life
Spare my liberty.
Spare my little happiness.
Even when I wanna erase the
Tortuous moments with you.

You’ve tormented me enough
Spare my little strength to live
Spare my little happiness to find joyfulness.
You’ve embraced your love
It’s enough, I’ve felt it…
The fist of love
Hugs of swearing
Kisses that hiss nightmares in my sleep.

My body sore
My soul broke
My mind hates me
I hardly know myself anymore.
In fact I know you better
You roar when you punch me
You don’t blink when you kick me
You shout louder in swearing
Invidious as it is
It breaks my heart
My body
My mind
And my soul.

Black eye, painful ribs
Whom did I offend
To deserve such aggressiveness?
Isn’t no a simple sentence?
Then why do I deserve

Meanwhile I am just like you.
Why can’t I
Have liberty from this suffering.
Emotions gone astray.
Affection has vanished.
Obnoxious words you utter daily,
Wondrous hate has formed.
From words that cut through deeply.
As bonus of bunch of five
Followed by a furious groan.

Not realising I am human too
With the same mind and heart
That pumps blood like yours.
One of your kind
Treated like rubbish
Even though I ravish
Then more hardship
I face.

Is it because I am a woman?
Is it because I am weak?
Then why do I deserve such
I am just like you
I deserve more life
Just like you do.