Dear my Africa
The world is filled with humans everywhere.
Ones with tender hearts along with ones with cruel hearts.
You never know who is who
You’ll end up churned if you try to figure it out,
There comes the time, the worst night made.

Indeed it is the tribulations of life that make a person sophisticated.
It’s like they knock you up in a big pail till you are ready to go.
I assure you that you will never come out as raw meat,
You’ll come out well cooked.

You have to be strong as an ox, or else you’ll end up
As an ineffectual for infinity, it’s part of life, face it!
It can make a person miserable and loopy.
Combat your weaknesses with your strength,
And your threats with your opportunities
That’s when you’ll feel the honour and privilege to live.

You are not a loser, you are not a coward.
You are not a failure nor a nobody.
You are a fighter and a special somebody.
Your presence in this world is rare and real.
“Never give up, for that is just the place and time
But the tide will turn.”