You could see days passing by, but to you means no difference
You wake up every day but do not see the purpose of being here
You feel like you locked in a small cage and do not have a freedom of movement
I do not belong here, you say to yourself
You seem so lost to such an extent that you tell yourself that you do not belong here
People are so determined and make progress and you still in one place
What is wrong with me? You ask yourself
People are succeeding in front of your eyes and you just watching without any movement
You seem stuck that you come to an agreement that you should not have been here from the beginning
Each and everything happens in its own time
The truth is you are rich and successful in your heart because
you are happy and materialistic things do not determine your happiness
There will be a time when you will be free and have improvement
All the years you have lost can be restored with a second by your creator
When you believe miracles do happen
And patience will be the key to your success