The tone in her voice made me smile
It was like the sound of the waves on the shores
Like a beautiful dream, it purified my soul
There was something sacred in her control
She sang bitterness so beautifully
The way she sang sorrow was brewed perfectly
She made it beautiful and I smiled

She sang sorrow with complete ecstasy
Her voice was beautiful, but her lyrics
So sad, I had to relate to her story
She was sad yet she sang so beautifully
She was broken but sang so solidly
The way she moved was like the sway
Of a sword to kill the mocking mercy

She held the mic like a dagger
I didn’t know that something so sad
Could be presented solely beautifully
She was once a caterpillar and crushed
But she slowly transformed her wounds
And became a beautiful butterfly
And sang her scars out loud
For other caterpillars to know
That they could transform their suffering
Into something beautifully godly

We are born not knowing we could run
Marathons but we learn through our falls
Just how long we can stand