It’s all a plot
a devious plot
former group areas
herded together
in holy matrimony

It’s all a plot
to get people
to confederate
as their villages
go dim

many grouse and gripe
(thinking black thoughts)
yearning even to return
to apartheid’s times
united in their frustration

(frustrated like SAFM Radio’s
usual phoning-in men
those two Poles and
Newlands’ disgruntled Mike)

some agreeing even
with the colonials
and their collaborators
(re-invented for elections)
that the darker folks
are still developing

It’s all a plot
Hanover Park
Wynberg and Newlands
united in one as one
load-shedding area

It’s all a plot
Langa and Bishop Lavis
are joined together
in another

barriers broken fences
and apartheid’s group-think
(almost) no more

if only this could be written
into official government forms
in every Mother Tongue possible