’Train romance’ is a combination of both his and hers first time glances at each other in the train, with the expectation of a hopeful future.

Train Guy

Train guy, train guy
Who are you?
I saw you stare
You caught me unaware
I hope I get to be the one
Who has a little more than fun with you

Train guy, train guy
Mystery to me
I wish you’d come over and talk to me

Train guy, train guy
How can it be?
To see you twice in a row
Now I just have to give it a go
I rushed on to talk to you
But you rushed on your way
Wasn’t running after you
Not today

Train guy, train guy
Now I’ve seen it all
Thrice in a row
Same train
Same week
God did you speak?
I could not ignore

Would you find me weird if I said I found your laughter cute?
We walked down the road
You walked me home
We hugged
You got my number
And I waited for your text
“Hey it’s your train guy,” you said
I smiled and that was next

Friends was what I said I wanted
Friends was what I thought I wanted
“I want you as a friend,” I said
And that was where you left
Though it was not the end

Train Girl (written by Taswin Salies)

It was a beautiful autumn’s day
Waiting on this old yellow train
Which was always delayed
And gave me such a pain

Choo-choo I heard its cry out loud
My heart pumping, feels like I’m about to explode!
As it came thundering towards me
My heart stopped, was lost in my thoughts

I got in and saw this girl once again
Excited, happy, she is so cute!
My emotions ran wild!
Beautiful eyes, but what stole my heart was her smile

I so much wanted to say a lot to her
But deep down I was afraid
I’ll come to a standstill,
On my way up the blocks, I’ve never seen such bravery!

Hurricane Katrina could not hit me right now
It would not move an inch of me
She finally spoke to me!
My heart stood still for a while, time froze

We walked together down the road
She smiled, I smiled
“Joking man!” wow I wondered if that’s dumb of me
She kept smiling and talking
I kept my cool
‘I wonder if she has a boyfriend’
Was the question burning in my heart
Maybe she could be my girlfriend?
I did not ask, so distracted

I took her number and called her my train girl
Tried to kiss her, but she would not budge
She’s so beautiful, with a great personality
So many times I wished she could be my girl

I messaged her and she texted back
More than friends is what I wanted
A friend is all she had
It’s more or nothing, I was so mad

She said no, I said no
I guess it was my time to go
I had so much hope
Now my world is just another empty globe…