Why are you hurting your families like this?
Why do you continuously hurt them
Even when your children cry at the top of their lungs
For you to help and protect them
Instead you treat them like dogs
You are theirs like a bone
They can’t let go of you because you’re their bone,
Can’t you see that?

What are you teaching your children as their father?
Do you think they enjoy it when you come back home dizzy?
Indulging alcohol day and night
Not knowing whether you’re going backwards or forwards.
When your pockets are heavy you decide to waste them on tavern.
When you get home at midnight pots are dry and you start
To shout as if you left money for supper.
Ain’t you tired of being the talk of the town?
You’re humiliating your family.

When are you gonna start being a responsible father?
Why do you always act like a teenage boy that’s on phase?
Is that how you show love to your family?
What are you teaching your children?
Or do you want them to follow in your footsteps?
Toxic fathers, please set your foot straight.