To all organisation and political parties.
Let us learn to negotiate
Let us learn to understand each other.
Let us learn to be united.
Let us learn to know
What we want as students.

Leaders you are marvellous
God gives you minds to think
Please leadership, do something with your hands.

Please stand and take action
Please stand and take a step
You have challenges to face,
Stop pointing at each other,
Learners are able to give you power,
Also they are able to give you wisdom.

Students want you to take good decisions.
Students want you to be vigilant
Students want you to be visible
Students want you to be cautious,
They have all provision for you.
Can you please challenge yourselves.
Please think of something that you can do,
To fight nepotism
To fight robbery and GBV
To decrease the number of failures.
To make sure all students are funded.
To make sure all learners are treated equally.

Yes, you are the leaders now.
You have the task of your students.
And if you stand and do something,
And if you stand and engage with each other,
That will help you to have good communication skills.

Do not reject what you must be,
Do not reject what learners decided you to be,
You cannot run away from their decisions but you can guide them through their decisions.
Do not doubt that you can improve upon what you are,
For students help those who work hard to improve,
Do not doubt that you can work together,
Do not doubt that you can be united,
Do not doubt that you can improve.

The time has come for us
To be brilliant,
To take responsible action as leadership.
Lack of communication and visibility should no longer an excuse for us.
We have to work together,
We’ve got what it takes!
Together we can move TVET colleges forward.
Together we can be the Leaders of TVET Sector.

# TVET Must Rise.