We never appreciate what we have,
until it’s lost.
Some people want diamond rings,
some people want everything.
Some people live to play a game.

All I need is to be deeply in love.
This is my prayer; I won’t go astray –
I wish we could spend time together
doing all the silly things.
Drunk on love, get high on a hill.
Bob Marley heals you in times of pain.

I never felt love until I met you …
I know I hurt you, but
I can’t go on without you.
I’m lost without you,
no future without you.
You explain me, you break me, you make me.

If only it was you by my side,
I would do everything for you.
I really miss you,
the way you used to touch me
– the way you called my name,
played with me, fought me,
the way you stood up to me.

You make me lose control …
you drive me crazy.
You are my everything,
your attitude kills me.
I love the pride
that hides the real you.
If I could, I would turn back
the hands of time.
’Cause you are my thriller,
the best I’ve ever had –
the queen of my castle,
forever in my heart may you stay.