On the feet of this crumbling mountain,
Here I am seated,
Staring at the piercing wind
With watery eyes;

My brain is sweating,
Perplexed by fate and
The consequences of my
Ignorance and idiocy;

There beyond the horizon
Is the twilight of your deceiving
Beauty, your smile is
Enticing, but perilous;

Like sweat racing down
The cheeks of a glass filled
With ice, so do my tears
At your gaze;

Pondering our memories,
This abysmal heart aches,
Conducting waves of pain
To every cell in my anatomy;

But, you have to know this:

I killed you in my heart,
These bittersweet memories are
Just not easy to forget,
They are etched in my being;

How I wish you weren’t
Part of them;

Without you, I have everything
I have ever needed,
Everything I once had in you
Vanished like darkness at sunrise;

I deeply wish that was true;

I pray that when I
Wake up in the morning,
Your entire existence is cleared in my
Past, else you’ll always be a part of me;

That is something I don’t
Wish for anyone.