I can’t wait for the midnight snacks
Or the midnight baps
Or the chats about the universe
I can’t wait for the dance parties
In our panties. In your boxers. Naked. Hehe.
I can’t wait for the text messages about milk.
Getting into bed after a long day and
Feeling your warm skin almost silk…
I can’t wait to stutter when you
Buy me my favorite doughnuts,
Play my favorite song or dance
Rround me when you know I’m annoyed.
If you stay, we’ll dance to Thandiswa Mazwai, Mr Paak
And maybe a bit of what you like.
If you stay…
I promise I’ll do my best to love you right.
I promise to eat your fries, make you smile,
Lick your lips and kiss your thighs.
If you stay…
I promise the most amazing feeling you’ll have
Is knowing you are mine.
To the lover that will stay
If you stay
I’ll be the happiest woman every single day.