To the bearer of pain
the one with countless thoughts and sleepless nights
Yes, baby you’re the one
You cry daily with countless questions
Why choose my own mom, God?

Unfortunately, I have no answers but a promise to make
It’s never easy to lose a parent
especially the home that carried you for nine months
and carried you for years in her arms
Lalela wena udlala ngeskhathi
Hear the loud thunder that shout names daily
She might be next!
The thoughts that hit my mind are deeper than an ocean
Death creeps in like a thief at night
when it’s least expected it strikes

Many cry over spilt milk
but I do not blame them
Umama uyisisekelo sekhaya
Umongameli wekhaya kanye nomnakekeli walo
I have learnt to value time
To treasure the souls lent to me
I know you want to call her name once more
hear her soft voice and see her tender look
but she’s gone

Day by day you cry yourself to sleep
hoping mama will comfort you
You ask questions like,
“Kutheni bedlala ngomzali ndingenaye mna?”
but they continue …
I sneaked in and out
trying to fit your shoes
But I struggled, for some were too big and some too small
It is true when they say, “Ishlangu sitya os’nxibileyo.”

I took a stand
I started to value my mommy
for billions call “mommy” a million times with no response
They are abused and tormented by family
only because their pillars have fallen
A mother is irreplaceable
She has more value than rubies
and her presence is ten times more radiant than the sun
A mom is a gift many regret ever losing
Cherish and honour her while she’s still alive

For a grave is too rough to hug
too cold to comfort
but mostly too silent to answer
Let her pass on with a smile on her face
Not worrying how her rebellious daughter
and her dodgy son will survive without her

I pray I do right by her
before she departs from this world
Stay strong if you’ve lost her
Treasure her memory forever