I might be there
I might not be there
For everything in this darkened word is unpredictable
Turn every bit of ink spent on this paper into something usable
For the land you’ve landed in is not a safe place to be
Affrighting you is not intentional
I’m only trying to be veridical
Be strong since strength is the only means of survival
In this land you’ve landed in

Like a chambo fish
Know that you are an endangered species
And with that pretty face
I’m afraid not every man will look at you
With a good motive
Being subjected to their evil desires
Should therefore always be your denial
Protecting you from them had always been my desire
But honestly, advising you to prepare for the combat ahead of you
Is the least I can do
For life is the battle between you and yourself alone

My dear daughter, never get carried away by what people say
Not everything your eyes view as love is love
Sometimes it could list
Love all but never trust anyone
For betrayal has consumed our land
Respect and tolerance should always be your cup of tea,
As these are our co-values

Let listening to other people’s views be your habit
And never losing your own voice be part of you
Don’t let the light in you be hidden
Instead use it to lighten the darkened world
Antagonistic comments by
Underestimating people should resurrect your aspiration
And not stand on your way to the top
Yes! You might be a lady
But show the world that men’s capabilities
Aren’t diametrically opposed to yours
Though they may see weakness in you
See strength in yourself

Feed yourself with the holy words
To shun the immorality that is in great circulation
Defend yourself from feeding on pride
For it discriminates against others
Clothe yourself with confidence and determination
You will one day reach your destination