No words can describe the love I have for you
I can’t even describe how I feel
The presence of your souls heals
You shine no different to the stars at night
You are the light we need in the dark
Some wish you were in their lives, I guess I had luck
Maybe they pray you could forgive them for their wrongs
And let them back in, that sucks
I have made you angry so many times
But you still find it in your hearts to forgive me
Who am I to deserve such beautiful souls like yours
I’ve seen you cry and it always breaks me
I always wish for your smile to come back
Because nobody can take it away from you unless you allow them
These words don’t describe the love I have for you
The poem doesn’t praise you enough
But just know I love you enough to wipe your tears,
Enough to celebrate you
And enough to let you go
We are sisters and sisters shall fight together
To my sisters