Sometimes life isn’t about sharing, caring and adventure
Sometimes it’s about friendship
What is a friend?
Some say it’s someone you trust, someone you can rely on

To my best future friend, the unknown:

Sometimes I wondered what life is?
Then I came up with the word ‘friendship’
I’ve learned to believe in something that I don’t have
Something not for now but for eternity, everlasting,
Something faithful, and brings hope

Failure arises anywhere, anytime
That’s the road to friendship
It doesn’t matter what kind of a friend you are
Black, White, Coloured, Yellow
What matters is a heart
Inside it reveals what is impossible to be possible

Sourness, rudeness, roughness, tough times make true matured friends
But some describe future friends as unknown,
But some say: humility, affection, honesty, cheerfulness
Companionship, fidelity, tactfulness and devotion
That’s makes a future friend
Along the road you meet a friend, the best one, but you’re enemies
Some are killers of instinct, feelings
Who support their current friends with wrong decisions

Because we love them, as long as we are happy
How about our future, we have it?
Should I consider myself as a friend or a relative
Or should I start riding alone, hoping I will distance myself from liars
The friend you have now has the friend you don’t trust too!
The more we make friends, the more enemies we make
Blushing while you think about love and lust

No one can define true friendship except you and me
Because we definitely know who we are inside
Will my best friend leave me in times of darkness?
My shadow represent me when it’s dark, it only mounts away
That’s what friends are for, in pains
In good times, sad times because we care

My imagination never stops fantasising
A true friend will never leave you
It doesn’t matter which side you’re on
But to my future friend, I will be there
To lean on
To trust in, even if it hurts

To my future friend
Years have fallen with no hope
Not even a friend
Someone just said to me if you need a friend I will be there
Not to talk but to shield you, to protect, to inspire you and to love
Not all your friends are your friends
Some are there to believe in you
Where is my future friend?
I am looking forward to meeting my future friend
Not the one I currently have

Somewhere in that corner there’s this friend of mine
A true friend, a trusted one that no one knows
A good listener, energetic, forgiving and generous
Tears have fallen down just for revenge
I am living in sadness with this trauma
Regret, rejection, sickness defines a true future friend!?

Time has knocked me down
Not knowing that time will never wait
Not for me and my future friend
No one knows how to define a future friend
Some are lost, hurt, brutally destroyed, and injured with their friends
I wonder why, jealousy, loyalty, honestly I am lost

In time
Time will tell
I will be there waiting just for my true future friend
It doesn’t matter which year
What matters is that!!
Will I find my future friend in time?
In the right place, best one, for the best reason?