Since I had you my life altered
In me a new stress developed,
About leaving you secured,
And giving you what you deserve
Like colostrum to a calf.

I spoke to people who assured me
about your well-being and stability
when I become a fog during the day.
They will speak to you when the
Time comes.

My child this is my last gift to you,
I better be gone for you to earn it.
If you go ahead my gift won’t be
Worth it. But if I go and you are still
Behind: then I will know that my will,
Will worth your while.

I am doing this because I love you
My child. I want you to nag people
Not in your life. Became their fingers
Would be pointing at me, and my

Know that I would rest in peace to
Know you are capable of good deeds
In my poor sight. My signature says
it all.