The genuine Nkalakatha
The real Godoba of Kwaito
You were the first crossover
From prison to the stage
From Soweto to the States
From Mzansi to Europe

From the townships to the suburbs
You represented the townships
You epitomised the black youth
You reflected the black joy

You are the king of Kasi music
You put Kwaito on the map
With your creative consistency
You were a focused Sgelekeqe
Chiskop created you
You uplifted Chiskop
Kwaito opened doors for you
You opened stadia for Kwaito

Danny K once complained
About your late coming
But you always showed up
Even at your last show
You sang us Nkalakatha
One more final time
Stoically you came to stage
And promised you not going anywhere

You are not going anywhere
You haven’t gone anywhere
You live with us, you live in us
Mdu will tell you it’s 50/50
You gave us life with music
We strive through it
By that you still live and breathe

There is a self-proclaimed king,
Is his music played by every color bar?

Lala ngoxolo Mshengu.