Your confession caught me by surprise
And awakened wounds of before
The dreams that never pass
The commemoration of my first time

The words of an unhealed heart
That revolt of my unhealed feelings
The lost time that’s never been lived
And day’s eyes never set

The moon touches the earth
And I still am half asleep
The stars disappear within the sky
And I still could not be awaken

I still can smell your love from afar
And hear your heat beat between oceans
I tried to swim along the valley of mahovhohovho
Just to get back in time to be with you
And wished if our commune was never stolen

I ran out of words to express my fondness
This tenderness that I long for and could never find
The warmth of the floods of our hearts (love)
Day and night passes and I still look at frozen time
Just to get back in time to be in your comfort