Man, I’ve never begged to be like this
In my wildest dreams, I’ve never dreamt myself like this,
I’ve never thought things would turn like this

“You’re weak, you won’’t make it.”
How can you tell your own son things like these?
Things said by my father hurt me
and turned me heartless and selfish like this.

You think I woke up and decided to be an atheist?
No, I’ve been hurt in Jesus’ name
You think I write for fun?
No, I’ve been deeply hurt and I got no peace at all.
You think I’m scared my dad might read this?
Man, I don’t give a damn like Kanye West.

Bear in mind, J Cole replaced my father
And turned into my brightest inspiration figure.

“Dude, he’s still your father,”
Bitch please, you haven’t felt pain like I did
I can’t believe you’re defending a monster like him
I got new friends that give a fuck when I feel like crap

In the end,
I wish to meet J Cole and thank him
For inspiration

Can I replace him?
No, I’m just a ghost writer like JZ’s