You’ve got a girlfriend, but you don’t care
Thinking about getting another?
Don’t you dare!
You’re dating the school ‘hotty’,
So you think you’re ‘cool’
But when she dumps you, you’ll be the biggest fool!
Being a Playa ain’t all that
You’re gonna end up lonely, that’s a fact!
Love is nothing without any trust
A relationship without it is most definitely gonna rust
Is there honesty? Is there loyalty?
Don’t expect her heart, you ain’t royalty!
You think she needs you, but she don’t
You think she’ll die without you, but she won’t!
You start off by asking her name
Then find a way to work your game
You meet another girl and after talking for a night
You’re harping about it being ‘love at first sight’
And when things go wrong you say love is blind
Dude you’re confused, make up your mind!