Dear love, the craving for you has
worn out the shoes
of my pillow,
I tread to no sleep

The wound of your absence is
my soul to bleed,
I die and die along this
solitary sea.

Is it strange to think,
it’s been a month,
yet the voyage of time has
sailed our hearts a thousand
oceans apart?

The feeling of sadness
quakes my heart,
and shatters it across the torment
of dry hopes that one day
you’ll cease to depart.

I miss you,
I miss you like time misses the rainbow
in pallid shades of winter,
astray of beauty to cast her

You were the vase:
my sire of affection and desires,
you were my root and my lair,
and a hearth to my frozen

Cold cold rose,
do we chance to meet again?
the apparition of a shredded heart
toils on my sleeve,

My soul roves in a world of emptiness
that stitches and binds me with
the darkest sight of you
that nothing but your presence
can breach.

Dear love, if I could ever ride
the moonlight dust,
I would gaze
and wear your trail to find you