Oh! Freedom, how do
I curse thee. Having
Our beloved ones fight
So hard to earn you,
Little did they know
That you were a trap.

Little did they know
That you have
Viciously become a
Market of selling them.

Oh! Freedom, how do
I curse thee; having
Sold those who were
Leaders in the struggle
To achieve you;

Having sold their souls
When our beloved
Predecessors fought
With blood and sweat.

Freedom! They cried
With joy saying you
Are coming tomorrow;
But to be honest you
Were not coming at all.

No! You didn’t come!
Admit it! You little
Rubber-neck, say it!
Say you didn’t come!

In fact, you chose to
Send your devious
Brother called

You sent him to
Blind-fold us, to
Make a mockery out
Of the blood that was
Shed in your name.

Oh! Freedom! How I
Curse you for that you
Sold us pipe dreams.
Freedom, with your
Little squeaky voice,

You gave us nothing
But a meatless bone,
In the name of democracy.
Look at us now, today.
Fighting again, in your

Fighting again, with
Our souls, tears, blood
And all we have,
Calling in your name,
Hoping you shall heed
To our cries.

We even have to shame
Ourselves in front of the
Sons of the soil,
Our sisters have to bear
Their bodies in front of
Us who have been sold
By your brother,

We have to always raise
Our hands in front of our
Protectors, because you
Are still having nice times
With the forefathers of the
Captivity of the black man.

How could you? Like how
Could you let us go through
All this pain, again? How
Could you let your brother
Allow such pain run once more?

When we have to reach a change,
There is always blood that is
Meant to be shed, because
You thought delaying your
Arrival would best suit us.

How did you manage to
Manipulate those that were
Indeed fighting for you
Before us? Like really how
Did you?

You must be sitting
Wherever you are and
Thinking “These people
Think I am cheap,”
But what is more expensive
Than a soul of an African
Child? You master of deceit!

Freedom! Open your tucked
And folded ears, and listen;
We are calling on you as we
Fight for this education.

You know we deserve it,
You know by achieving
The free education,
We will certainly have a
Reason to celebrate your
Day as South African youth.

Just stop being stubborn
And playing us with them
Sell-outs. Avail yourself,
So as to be proud of you.
We are not idiots, we are
Not pea-brained.

Oh! Freedom, how do I
Curse your ignorance,
Yet how do I call upon you.

Alert us about your arrival,
The sooner the better,
We don’t want to be like
Our predecessors who
Were too early to celebrate
Your arrival.

We truly want to say,
“Freedom is coming
Tomorrow”, with no
Fear or favour.
Oh! Freedom! Heed
To our call