It’s so hard to think of leaving you behind.
To think that maybe you’ll leave me behind.
It’s so hard to think that if I leave,
You might never come back to me.

That if I’d leave
It might be the last chance I had with you.
But you don’t care
Because you wanna be with somebody else.

I honestly don’t know what’s wrong with men
They tell you they love you.
Then portray their parts
In the end we are the ones being hurt.

But why?
What did women ever do to deserve this?
In what way did we ever hurt you?
It’s hard for us.

Because we care and love for you.
We take all the pain but never give it back.
Maybe we are true goddess.
We’re always afraid of losing you guys.

It’s so hard for me.
To even express the pain that I feel.
Maybe I don’t have to hold on after all.
It’s time to move on.