As the sun shines on all communities
The sun is strong and seen by all
No one would claim β€œI did not see the sun”

We are enlightened about the truth, but lack knowledge
Lack of knowledge will make us perish
People are not what they say they are
They are what they do

The world is changing, the hand of time is changing it
The opportunist, capitalist always at the right time
Industrialists must adopt the time
Technologists & innovators always know the time
They are the time machines
For the selfish gains

Sun will not shine on all
Some will be on the dark side
Some will be in the night dreaming
Others waiting for the sun to shine
Some building castles in the air
Some will have to adopt and agree with time
Time changers will have great rewards

Other says, time is money
Time is innovations
Changing the hands of time would be harder
Future leaders will be those who will change the hands of time
Future leaders will not be youth but those with
Actions and visions impacting life

Youth laziness to read will be a burden, slavery tomorrow
Innovations will solve the puzzle of tomorrow
The so-loved technology will replace youth laziness
Letting technology take over is letting go of the brighter future
The hands of time will take and take
As the serpent in the garden of Eden will deceive
It will say all the good words to deceive
All the bad will be seen later

Your dreams will not be true but false if you do not read
You read to prove time and maintain relevance with time
Readers are future leaders
Future leaders are researchers
Researchers are independent thinkers
It’s not what you do
It’s how you do it that counts.