Burying MY self-confidence, they tried
Shutting MY self-esteem down, they tried
Making ME feel unworthy, they did
Belittling ME, they did
They called ME names
They caused ME pains
Made ME feel like I’m not enough
Made ME doubt myself
Made ME somehow hate myself

Their words hurt ME to the core
They made ME very much insecure
My insecurities became the proof
That their words in MY ears sounded like the truth
They destroyed the days of MY youth
So MY home became to ME a cage
Staying indoors and wishing to outgrow this phase
Once I stepped outside, I felt naked
I had to hide MY insecurities, to ME they were sacred
So I stepped back inside again instead
And hoped for the better days ahead

Mocking ME they enjoyed
Such pain I endured
Inside I was broken
MY happiness stolen
So I knelt down and prayed
For the pain to fade
To be whole and complete again
To be strong and sane
Luckily I survived
And I thrived
Their words used to sting
But now they’re just like candlelight in the wind
MY soul and heart healed
I am strong again
I wear my crown up with pride again
Time heals, they say