Time past and love was present
With peace reigning and joy ascending,
But still, the two bodies varied.

Coming from two worlds thoroughly opposing
Pain was the one entity destined to live with and he knew it.
His thoughts, my fear, that was me from her
With wonders suffusing my mind of whether I am good for her

Ambivalence had my feelings and vision showing me no way
Love was all I had for her, but pain was all I am to her.
Truly, love can conquer all,
But some things are best separated.

Together, knowledge says, everything will fall
and that fatal moment was anticipated.
She is who opened my heart,
the one who showed me all the beauties of art

For a moment, no pain was known
and through great love, I had grown.
True affection, I stored for her
so affluent that I had to let her go.