An embrace of laughter
An echoing giggle
A joyous smile with a dimple
Eyes with a spark of love
Hands closed together
Hearts connected
Commitment protected
Till death do us apart

A meal out of love
To feed the home not to starve
To heal the body and nurture
To continue the promise
The coming together of two
The soul ties bind the two
An addition, a new bundle of joy
The offspring of the tribe
We thrive to be and go on to be
Till death do us apart

I am his and he is mine
Life has ups and downs
But in them too we grow and learn
We look out for the other
We take care of each other
We trust one another
We care, we share
We mend, we shape
We stare and glare
We stand in the storm
We weather the storm
All is well for we are guaranteed
As long as we still breathe we are together
As well as we know that there is a day
When death will do us apart
Until that day, we are and will be grateful for love