Quick, powerful giants move on the channels.
Doing footwork drills on cones built like funnels.
Soccer balls are their friends.
Achieving dreams never end.

Attract a lot audience
Quiet, blinkering eyes on the pitch without dance.
Attracting viewer’s worldwide
Playing fair and friendly.
Playing like they are on play station
Too much noise on the train station.

Tika-tika came from Barcelona to South African channels.
Drugs users wanted to behave professionally
They learn about clean nutritional.

Dream started to be high
Never worry to see neither use the phrase “Hi”
Seriousness on the face
Everything is done at high pace
Always on small grid looks for space

The is hope for our new generation
Tik is no longer ambition
Now tik it’s a curse.
Staying a long time apart from the purse
Training also dreaming because it’s attractive.