Freak!! they said
They said it over and over again
I tried to tell them I’m not one
But they kept saying “FREAK!”
I was so scared
I finally figured that the black corner
At the back seat is my bestie

I took off
I ran as fast as I could
I ran back home
And told my mom
But DAMN I should have known
She was in a bad mood
She was puffing on that cigarette
And my daddy was packing his things
Shouting, “This freak ain’t mine”
He kept banging his head on the door
Shouting, “Damn you, Rebecca! You little shit

I ran to the bathroom
I locked it, and I ripped my hair out
I took a razor and cut myself
My mom ran the door down
For my dad had a belt
And she saw me lying there

She said, laughing, “Freak, freaky little thing”
She yelled, “The only thing you will be good at
Is lying on your back”
I went crazy
I stabbed her with the mirror
I lost count
My daddy was afraid of me
He ran as fast as he could
I said, “Run sucker”

My mom was just lying there
With her last breath
She said, “You’re no daughter of mine”
I responded, “Go straight to hell!”
I spat on her

One by one I tracked them down
Those who called me a freak
I would slaughter them
And write freak
On their chests and foreheads
I took them all down.

Till this day
That I’m in jail
I refuse to take my bloody uniform off
Literally bloody
I still have my uniform on.