An evil still alive in today’s society,
Talks on this issue can no more be conveyed politely.

Nepotism is forceful building of talent in an inept person,
In this process, there is only one who runs himself
While other laymen just hire lift for fun.

The interim benefit is availed by those who are bloody selfish,
Due to this, real capable talents stay hidden and are dismissed as their dish.

These people just work on keeping good relations,
After that comes on their exact clever need
Which gives rise to great discrimination.

Living life on the shoulder of someone hardworking,
The principle they follow is just unfair profit linking.

Success without struggle is their achievement,
But really failed, bashing themselves, for their recruitment.

There is no purpose in life,
If you’re getting exactly what you want by favouritism, without any efforts, without strife.
Making deserving people’s lives anguish, these people regret in hell afterlife.