How do I love thee?
Fiercely and ferociously, ever so relentless
My body swaddled into you ever so tenderly
Picture me lost in the lone forest of your caresses
Wrapped in your embrace, fuzzy and content in your humps
Your soft bristles trickling faintly against my goose bumps

May I love you so?
Here, now, in this arctic room
Temperature low, feet shivering and numb
With soft music serenading the chilly breeze hanging in the air
Because us? Ever so cuddled like a soft lump of cotton candy

How do I escape the curse of existence?
In the folds of your soft fleece
The lavender in your scent
The static when I first reach for your tenderness
I could rest in your embrace indefinitely
Swallow me whole into the folds of your polar fleece
I am yours, forever yours, past sunrise through and beyond dawn
Have me, hold me, cherish me like a shivering fawn