1st. He said who am I to you?

I answered and said,
You are my everythin’
You are my king,
The one and only who
Gave me this voice so
That I can preach or sing,

I said it louder that
He’s my father,
My eternal gratitude of living,
I said you the for the
Endless hunger,
You the good God
The one who serves the
Most precious word of life.

He said “Do you
Believe in me?”

I answered and said
I trust on you,
You are the one for
My life who a got future clue,
I said you are the one
Who has never been false
To I and always true,

I told that you died
For the embodied I am,
You never lied to I
You always my prays,
You served me with the preys,
I said you the one who
Showed me the light
To the bright life ways nor days.

3rd.He Said “Who Are You?”

I answered and said,
I am your picture
You are my lecturer,
I am almost your future structure,
I said I am your child
So young living human being,

I’m the child of God
Who’s nothing without
My Lord Christ the king,
I said am the one
You died for his sins,

The one who loves
You for no reasons,
The one that will always
Be with you and your
Word on every scene
Even if there’s change of seasons.