My mind is an asset only God can protect
I fear no killer because my soul and breath
Lives inside my chest for the Heavens’ interest
I never waste time…but time becomes waste if I do crime

Have sex because of peer pressure
More or less, it is all of what I cannot treasure
Call it a day, nothing can take my pain away
Before sunset I was amazed there was a smile on my face

If I praise my name that means
I’m a worm living beneath the soil
Breathing oxygen from all the dirt
The money keeps making me spoiled
There’s only one God, oh Lord,
Some dude just stole my iPod
Smoking and drinking alcohol
It’s what you do once you grow up
That’s where I’m from

Becoming like a child should be my dream
Yet I wish to have all the types of fortune
Coming in streams but I can’t swim
I relation to all the working components
Of my family’s circuit board I’m at fault
This keeps going on, it hips and it hops nonstop…
Bad speech from the top drops and hogs my emotions
Making it hard for me to come to my senses…
Until I fall on my knees and pray for whatever I need
Without a doubt I then receive.