In the garden of flowers
I saw one flower beautiful like a million flowers combined
I smiled a baby smile for the first time
The flower filled my emptiness inside
The flower made me think of a brighter future
This one flower

Something about this flower that is important
I received the flower in my hands
I cried, tears of joy came jumping in my eyes
So beautiful, it means a world to me
Now all I want is to care for this flower
So that its beauty does not fade

Hide it from the evil men of this world
Hide it from those who spill blood
The flower I wish no bad and no hurt to
I will forever treasure my flower
The more I care for it
The more it becomes beautiful

The more love I receive from it
The more I think about it
I realise how blessed I am
This one flower
I cannot stop the love I have for it
It grows beautiful every day
Every day it grows stronger
The love it grows stronger as it grows
I love it so much
I think about it every day
Then came the hand that took it all
The hand took the flower
While I was thinking of asking for the hand

I did not have the chance
My precious flower
I will forever miss you my flower even though you are no longer here
The evil came and took you away from here
I knew I had nothing else to say
Now it’s gone

The time has come
The time has stolen you from me
The time deserves better than me
Time waits for no one
We will meet again