We hear
from a voice
from afar

We hear
from the gathering
from those gathered
at the Whizz ICT Centre

This is very familiar
a circle of people
soon to become friends

who they are
what they do
and why

Artists and Artistes
Musicians and Dancers
Writers and Poets too
(even a Recycler is here)

Community Developers
Activists and Activators
Movers and Shakers

(teachers one and all
though no-one says so
given the low rank
teachers are in the food chain)

We hear
from voices
on our doorstep
and on doorsteps

Refreshing and Inspiring
Empowering and Enabling
Minds unshackled and Free


Sammie and Dan Moshenberg and a group of youngsters dialogue and lunch at the Whizz ICT Centre out Site C way, Friday 2 August 2019, courtesy of Tembinkosi Qondela