I want to make your day a splendour
to show you the wonders of this life,
to give you what is not visible to the naked eye.
To listen to your hopes and dreams and fulfil every desire you have.

I wanna fly away with you to the moon.
Your gorgeous skin makes me feel content.
The voice that comes out from you
brightens the world turning it into a beautiful place to be in it.

Although I am a stranger to you,
reading these words will make you feel special.
Not because what I am saying to you
because you are beautiful, unique and
full of life with lots of ambitious for a better tomorrow.

Don’t ask if this is for you, it’s meant for you alone.
Don’t shed tears for reading these words,
just spread happiness around you.
You don’t ever know who is looking,
You can turn someone day into the best day of his/her life.

To you out there,
know that you are loved by someone.
All of us have a soulmate out there waiting to meet us.
Don’t ever forget that.
Even if you are hurt or feel lonely,
remember there is someone out there for you.
Someone who appreciates and values you.
Someone praying and hoping to meet you one day.
I am not a poet.
Just felt like sharing this with you.