This is for the people I know and those I know not
This is for the morning bus driver who carries a thousand souls
Whose faces just dried the overnight tears and brought hope
This is for the Grade R Teacher, the high school teacher
This is for the people who activate dreams
This is for the people with big dreams and small dreams
This is for those who own it
This is for you too

This is for the young king I used to be
For the queen my sister ought to be
This is for the mother of two
Who holds down two jobs just to hold up her two dreamers
The future leaders of our country
This is for the man down-town
This is for those who own hope like they bought it
This is for those who believe darkness is just an inch away from brightness
And clarity

For the boy who fell in-love with my ex
And for all those in that corner hoping that one day,
just one day… will come
And they too will own palaces and travel places
This is for those who take initiatives
Own it
It’s yours

This is for those who know that sharing is caring
This is for the head-boy whose been given names because he cares.
For the head-girl who lost friends because bathi uyaphapha
This is for you…
For you young leaders of my land
I appreciate your efforts
This is for the girl who takes insults to and from bed
Yes the one who felt worthless this morning because of your actions
And mind of animosity
Yes because of your animal behaviour
I wrote this to empower you
I wrote this to let you know
my love for the phenomenon woman you are
I wrote this as a reminder of the power you have
Just at once
Own it
It’s yours

That beauty on your face…
Is yours
That smile you put every time you walk down the street…
It’s yours
This for the girl who was raped ten years ago and never told anbody
Because even her mother would have never believed how cruel her brother is
For the girl who sacrificed her firstborn to abortion
Because the father shrouded in cowardliness
For the girl who cries everyday…
Because of the bully who laughs at her skin
And tells her uyinkawu
That girl who has albinism
The skin you’re in is just as awesome as mine and maybe even better
You’re just as beautiful as God wanted you to be
Own it
It’s yours

This is for the man I am today
The man who never knew his father
The man with tonnes of answered… questions
This is for you
You’re still alive and you can be the father you never had
Your turn is around the corner
Just own it
It’s yours
I will never forget the many women
who put each a single brick in the building
I am.
The woman who stole my heart and never came back with it…
Never came back
With me.

This is for the girl with imbola on her face and still appears beautiful
This is for the girl you lied to and told her how much you loved her
This is a letter to the many winners and believers out there
To the people who will take time to read between the lines I drew
The ones who won’t…
This is for you too
This is for the people who won it
Whatever it is
They own it
This is for you too