This is a book
The country’s emperor
Informs the nation
(Traditional sound-bytes
punctuate his promotion)
No doubt he is aware
Of the CECD’s Book Drive
(Many children do not
have books or access
to books in their ECDs)
No doubt he is aware
There are officially
781 million illiterate Adults in the world
Most of them women
No doubt he is aware
Of the ELRU campaign
For a book in every home
They reminding us that 1000s
Of children do not have
A book to read at home
(Almost 90% of our children do not read)
The country’s emperor
Promotes books
He speechifying
With a book in hand
(Might capital now flow?)
This is a book
He states he declares
He reveals he asserts
He proclaims he pronounces
He announces he affirms
Now we all know