It’s an enthroned generation
Yet an accursed generation
For they have answers to unasked questions
Yet they have no answers to asked questions
They avail themselves of places where they are uninvited
Yet are absent themselves from places they are supposed to be,
Like at school
They miss exams, yet they miss not a party

It’s our future leaders
It’s our future lives
It’s this ‘why’ generation
They ask what they are not supposed to know
Yet they know not what they have to know
They have rights, yet they have no responsibilities
They are babies, yet they have babies too
What do they know about babies?
When they are still babies too?
Yet they have many babies like piglets
Our future is oblique, we have no leaders
Yet we have technological leaders
We are doomed, yet we are blessed.
That is our children
That is our future leaders
That is our future
This generation